Pet Dental Month

Gum disease

If you pet’s breath leaves a lot to be desired, it is likely that gum diease is the underlying problem!

A healthy mouth usually has shrimp pink gums and bright white teeth. However problems will occur if plaque bacteris are allowed to build up on the surface of the teeth.

Over time, accumulation of sticky plaque leads to inflammation and reddening of the gums – termed gingivitis. This is frequently accompanied by the accumulation of calculus (tartar) on the surface of the teeth along with very vad breath!! However there is worse to come…..!

If gingivitis is allowed to continue unchecked, plaque bacteria will start to penetrate below the gum line, resulting in destruction of the bone and tooth supportinng structures – a painful condition called periodontitis. As the tooth support structures are progressively destroyed, the tooth will become loose and eventually fall out.

During June we are offering free dental checks with our Nursing Team and also 10% off all dental procedures and dental products during this month.