Pru & Paige Burgess

The Veterinary Surgery of Robert Elliott and their  “Puppy Parties”

We took along our new puppies for their 1st visit to the vets and received an invitation to the Puppy Parties

What a brilliant idea and absolutely free!!

This has enabled our two Lhasa Apso crossbreeds, Pru and Paige, to socialise from a very young age (prior to completion of their immunisation) in a controlled environment .  It has enabled them to gain confidence with people and other puppies which stand them in good stead when venturing out into the big wide doggy world.

We are so pleased to have found this veterinary surgery as it is one in a million, their caring attitude and compassion is reminiscent of days gone by, and nothing seems to be too much trouble giving you the confidence that you and your pet will get the very best possible treatment; this is backed up by the latest “in house” technology enabling rapid diagnosis and treatment.