Sarah and her Boxers

My Life with Boxers

First, meet me!

Hello! My name is Sarah and I have worked at Court Vets since December 2019.  Previously, I have worked at another Vet practice for 13 years whilst my children were young.  I was a Dental Nurse for 10 years before that, so I have a background in client care.

I want to tell you about my experience with Dog Cancer.

My Puppy!

I have had 4 Boxer dogs during my adult life and have had cancer in 2 of these.

In 1997 my husband and I brought a puppy Boxer, we called her Quattro meaning 4, (our other boxer at the time had 3 legs and was called Tripod).

Quattro was rejected at birth by her mum and so the breeder hand- reared her.  We brought Quattro home at 8 weeks and all was fine for a short while.  We then noticed she was very snorty and snored a lot.  This is normal with the Boxer breed, but this was quite excessive.  On consultation with a vet, he proceeded to trim back her Nasal Phalanx, under General Anaesthetic, as it was too long.  The piece taken out was sent to a laboratory for histology and it was found to be a rare cancer of the nasal phalanx.  It had never been seen in one so young.  Unfortunately, the cancer returned and took our Quattro at 16 weeks old.  We missed her greatly but after a couple of months we went on to adopted Copper from Bath Cats and Dogs home and she was with us until the age of 9 years.

My Rescue Girl

We rescued our most recent boxer aged 7 months in 2009, after our twins had gone to school.  Luna (short for Lunatic) has always had a zest of life and is never still.  I found a lump on her knee joint in 2015.  It was small, about the size of a pea but it didn’t look nice, and by this time I was working at the vets, so I took her to work to see my vet.  The lump was removed and sent to a laboratory for Histology.  Unfortunately, it came back as Grade 4 Mast cell.  We were referred to an oncology specialist and she had investigations to see if it had spread to other organs.  Thankfully it hadn’t, and after 6 months on chemotherapy she has never looked back.  I worry over every lump and bump I find on her but get them checked out every time and no more Mast Cells have been found.  She had been cancer free for 4 years now.  In March she will be 11 and is just as bouncy as ever.

Please if you notice anything wrong with you pet, go to the vet and get it checked out.