Meet our two very cute and cuddly temporary surgery residents.

kittens 1

These two kittens are now about 1 week of age and have been living with different members of staff who have kindly donated their time and sleep to help hand rear these kittens.

There is one boy and one girl and they were brought into us after only being born around an hour before. They were found in Stanford in the Vale on the footpath and were left by mum to fend for themselves.

They will stay with our kind members of staff until we are able to find them a home which won’t be until they are 7weeks of age and are weaned.

We shall keep you posted on their progress and now they are starting to become more lively and interested in live but yet to open their eyes.

Happy Ending

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Meet Molly, she was brought into us at the surgery last week as she was found on a farm close to us having given birth to a dead kitten.

We kept her in with us for four days as she had a high temperature and was sneezing a lot but once we controlled her temperature and her sneezing had subsided we were able to go ahead and spay her.

We tried to contact people around the area she was found to see if anyone owned her or knew of where she may have come from but we had no such luck so that enabled us to start to look for a new home for her to go too.

As Molly has such a sweet, loving and affectionate nature we were able to find her a home very quickly and she will be going to live with her new family at the end of the week.

We have had a lot of unwanted/abandoned cats that we haven’t been so lucky in finding homes for straight away who have gone to Sunshine Cat Rescue to find their forever homes.

If you think you could open our home to a feline friend in need then please visit Sunshine Cat Rescue’s website on





As you have seen in the Press, there’s a new law coming into place in 2016 that makes it a legal requirement for ALL DOGS to be microchipped.


At this Practice, we’re offering DOG micro-chipping free of charge from now until April 2015.

In June THIS year, for one month only, we’re offering a 10% discount on all OTHER species of pets being micro-chipped with us.


Micro-chipping is the most effective and fastest way for the return of lost and stolen pets to their owners. We urge all veterinary practices to scan every puppy and every dog every time, to pick up second-hand stolen puppies or puppies purchased from the EU with possibly false documentation.


A micro-chip is the size of a large grain of rice, glass or special plastic polymer that sits under the skin and carries a unique code that links your pet to your authorised contact information database.

The data holders, such as Anibase or Petlog, can tell the trained micro-chip reader holder your agreed contact details. So any put brought or handed into the Practice, the local Authority and associated dog kennels, as well as local and national animal rescue organisations, will have the opportunity to be returned. It is also possible to temporarily register a pet for a holiday away from home and its always worthwhile updating any details that have changed.