Puppy Pre-School



Puppy Pre-School

Our registered veterinary nurses, Katie and Yasmin, will be holding the first of three sessions on Wednesday 13th June at 5.30 pm. You do not have to attend all three classes but as different subjects will be covered each Wednesday evening we would recommend it.
These are the main aims of our Puppy Pre-School:
• To provide a safe, friendly environment to encourage acceptable social behaviour
• To provide information on parasite control, diet, basic training and insurance
• To build confidence in your puppy so vet trips are less stressful!
• To help expose your puppy to as many different positive experiences as possible during this very important time in their life.

You just need to bring your puppy, some of their favourite treats and a poo bag!

Please call us on 01367 710595 to let us know if you can join us. Children are welcome but we would appreciate it if you could let us know in advance, as we don’t have room for lots of people!

We look forward to seeing you.

Best wishes,
Katie and Yasmin

“It is just 2 years since we adopted Charlie and having been born in June he was a little late in coming to puppy classes in the November, being somewhat larger than the other  participants. However he soon settled down and over the  weeks he either attended with myself or our son who was having some initial difficulty training him.
I think we attended for 6-8 weeks and we all really benefited from the training!
Charlie has settled down well and  our only regret is that his field background isn’t really  being tried out since he is a domestic pet but his instincts are there!”