Platelet Enhancement Therapy (V-PET)

A natural and safe cell therapy to relieve the pain of joint disease or injury, promote healing and reduce recovery time using your dog’s own blood.


What are platelets?


Platelets are found in blood and promote clotting.

They contain and variety of growth factors that enhance wound healing and induce tissue regeneration.


What is Platelet Enhancement Therapy?

V-PET concentrates platelets (PLT), white blood cells (WBC- some of which are stem cells), and their associated growth factors from a small volume of your dog’s own blood for use as a cell therapy.


How can V-PET help?


Tendon and ligament injuries, and joint disease like osteoarthritis, are often difficult to heal, but treatment with V-PET can help.  The cell therapy is injected directly into the injured area. Platelets are activated at the site of injury, releasing growth factors.