Chartered Physiotherapist Nycky Edleston is at the surgery once a week, on a Thursday afternoon to treat dogs, cats and rabbits who are struggling with movement or have pain in their back or legs.


Physio treatment for pets can:
* Relieve pain and discomfort
* Rehabilitate and aid recovery after an operation
* Rehabilitate after injury or if not having an operation for an issue
* Help an old or arthritic pet be more comfortable and active
* Rehabilitate your pet after a neurological problem
* Enhance performance of a working or competing dog

Upon referral from your vet, your pet with receive a thorough assessment and then Nycky will select suitable treatments from the physio tool box of soft tissue or joint mobilisation, pulsed magnetic therapy, stretches and both proprioceptive and strengthening exercises. A rehabilitation plan is devised uniquely for your pet and may include a home program for you to do with your pet.

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