Pet Insurance

4 weeks FREE Pet Insurance with Petplan

Whilst advances in veterinary medicine mean we can do more for your pet, treatment costs can soon mount up. We recommend Petplan insurance to all our clients to help cover unexpected vets bills.

Why should I insure my pet?

  • In recent years, veterinary medicine has become increasingly more advanced. We are able to diagnose and treat conditions that in the past would have been left undetected, sometimes with fatal consequences. But this more advanced treatment can be costly.

Which plan and insurance is right for you?

  • Our practice promotes Petplan insurance for your pet as they are the UK’s favourite pet insurance provider. They offer a true lifetime policy and cover more things like dental and hereditary conditions as standard, making it no surprise that they are the UK’s No.1 pet insurance provider.

Why not try before you buy…

  • We offer 4 weeks free insurance, on behalf of Petplan, to activate this, simply click the image below to be taken directly onto the Petplan website.


Quoting our Practice number 1100007719 for your 4 weeks free, or you can pop into the Surgery and one of our receptionists can do this for you online.


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