Repeat prescriptions are available but may we request that you give us at least 48 hours’ notice for these. The prescription must be authorised by the case veterinary surgeon; we must have seen your pet for regular checks at intervals specific to the underlying condition and as advised by our Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and, due to the cost and limits of storage we do not have large stocks of all medicines and diets available at all times. Collection of the prescription, or posting if more convenient, can be made during our Reception opening times.

From 1st March 2015 we shall no longer be permitted to hand out prescription medications between the hours of 1pm and 3pm.

Regulations require, just like human dispensaries, that there is a suitably qualifed person present when you collect your prescription and we are unable to guarantee the presence of a vet between these hours.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.


The preventative medicine and surgery practised here will always include one very thorough health check at the booster vaccination, which is essential each and every year following puppy (from 8 weeks) and kitten (from 9 weeks) vaccination courses and for rabbits from 6 weeks. Homoeopathic nosodes are also available. It is our aim to provide you with not only an annual booster reminder system for your cat, dog, rabbit and ferret, but also a complimentary six month intermediate health check through the Veterinary Nurse/ Pet Health Counsellor clinic schemes …a very exciting and popular way to keep the finger on the pulse of your pet’s health, from growing puppies and kittens through to our mature pet clinics.


Sadly, due to restrictions placed on us by lone worker regulations, house calls will not be possible if a second staff member cannot also be present. However, we wish you to understand that many more facilities, including extra Staff help and special equipment, medicines and oxygen exist back at the Surgery. This is something that is not possible on such visits to your home especially when special medical or surgical problems are present. We can break off what we are doing in order to examine emergency problems as soon as they come in rather than waiting for any two free clinical staff  to leave the Surgery …which may make it a less satisfactory service for your pet and for our Staff! We do appreciate, however, that in certain very special circumstances only, such visits will be part of an essential service for your pet so please discuss your requirements beforehand with Reception.


Our Terms of Business are for every payment to be made at the time of consultation, collection of prescription or food/pet accessories or at the post-operation discharge of your pet. This can be via cash, cheque supported by its guarantee card, or by a credit/debit card (payment over the telephone is therefore possible). We are obliged to charge VAT on services rendered. In order to continue to offer our ever expanding and higher standards of clinical care for your pet, we request prompt payment and therefore regret that we do not set up accounts.

Unexpected illness or injuries may incur a large fee which can be hard if your pet is not insured. Of course, this can be discussed with Robert Elliott when there is genuine financial hardship.


To enable you to budget for future possible problems our reception staff are happy to discuss insurance queries and though we are unable to recommend a specific insurance companies for you but happy to help with any questions you might have.

We will happily process claims for you so that the insurance companies will pay you directly. Claims where the payment is direct to us are only accepted with prior permission from Robert Elliott. If accepted then there will be a £10 administration fee for processing each claim for you.