Adult Health Plans

Group of cats and dogs in front of white background


We know that your pet is an important member of your family and that preventative healthcare will help them lead a long and happy life.

We’ve introduced The Veterinary Surgery Health Plan to help you spread the cost of your pet’s routine healthcare.

Each plan includes annual vaccinations and a year of worming and flea treatment

In addition, you receive a 10% discount on all the following services;

  • Consultations
  • Spay or castration
  • Microchipping
  • Dental procedures
  • Cattery stays for kittens and adult cats
  • Laboratory work
  • Kennel Cough Vaccine
  • Royal Canin food
  • Senior related products
  • For dogs, the products that are discounted are Metacam Oral Suspension and Yumove tablets
  • For cats, the products that are discounted are Metacam Oral Suspension and Semintra Oral Suspension and Yumove tablets


It’s easy to sign up, you can download a form, fill out your details and email it back to us on

We will then give you a call to process the first monthly payment, then after that, your payments will be taken through the direct debit.

If you are unsure of which weight your dog is, give us a call and we can check that for you.


The weight and price’s are as below:

Cat’s  (any size) – £11.46


Small Dog’s (4 kg-8 kg) – £10.83


Medium Dog’s (8 kg-15 kg) – £11.92


Large Dog’s (15 kg-30 kg) – £13.28


Extra Large Dog’s (30 kg-60 kg) – £15.06